Veronica Sacobie-Atwin, Director
Tel: 506-363-4047

Mary Sabattis / Daphne Solomon, Cooks

Maxine Solomon, Custodian

General Information and Services


  • Tanya Smith, Director of CFS
  • Ashley Goyette, Supervisor of Headstart
  • Veronica Sacobie, Administrator of Headstart & Daycare
  • Crissy Paul, Headstart Teacher
  • Jennifer Atwin, Daycare Teacher
  • Justine Tremblay, Daycare Teacher
  • Rosaline (Roo) Sabattis, Daycare Teacher
  • Carol Harquail, Cook
  • Maxine Solomon, Custodian

Our objective is to provide our First Nations preschool with a positive sense of themselves, a desire for learning, and opportunities to develop fully and successfully.

Headstart Services

  • Early intervention is essential to building strong foundations for early learning.
  • To ensure linkages and cooperation with other community programs and services to enhance the effectiveness of our program.
  • To ensure the resources are being used in the best way possible to produce measurable and positive outcome for the children, parents, families, and community. This is done through observation, assessment, and intervention.

Headstart Components

  • Apply First Nations cultural beliefs and values to all aspects of daily programming. Inclusiveness and equity, democratic practises, and sustainable futures.
  • Health promotion
  • Nutrition social support
  • Education
  • Parental and family involvement


  • We provide daycare services for families who are working or attending school
  • Through open communications and professionalism, our centre strives to develop a partnership with parents and families that will help create the best "non-parental" care for the children
  • We believe that each child is unique and should be treated with the utmost respect, fairness, and dignity. Children need, expect, and deserve to be guided in ways that will help them to be safe, happy, and well adjusted.
  • Children are the most important part of our centre and programs, and planning will be designed to meet the healthy physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs as well as spiritual needs of each child.